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Mandemic – by Natasha Jones

  • Dec Thu, 2020


A tale of a Man who didn’t like to be told what to do


Executives often struggle to share their feelings, emotions, and deal with these in secrecy, which can be debilitating and so take time to re-find balance again.  Alignment of body and mind facilitates transformation that propels from a feeling of being stuck in a rut to a new place of revitalisation, energised enthusiasm and motivation to move forwards.

Ultimately, in reframing and positioning “loss” as a catalyst for change, I try to help executives see that what was initially perceived as the worst thing that ever happened is a catalyst  to reset their life in a more fulfilling direction ultimately finding new solutions and pathways.

Mandemic has been in me for a while, working in a field  that seeks to enforce equality I have been increasingly concerned that the focus and increase of women’s rights has seen erosion and confusion around masculinity. I am deeply saddened by recent statistics showing the highest suicide rate in the UK is males aged 45-49. This is the category of men I have seen performance managed/exited from their roles at work.

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