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Mandemic: Aligning Mind and Body

  • Mar Mon, 2021

We all have days where we can’t be bothered and so those days it is hard to motivate yourself. One of the reasons that I am so passionate about forming good #habits is that once they become part of your daily life you will begin to “just do “them even on the days you are less motivated. Think of a bad habit for a moment and how hard is to break it.. biting your nails, giving up smoking, less sugar… so if a bad habit is hard to break then forming a god habit has got to work … Right ?!

Moving and hydrating the body are my two top habits- being curious about the weather, the outside world, nature however you wish to view it is a better approach than simply “going for a walk”. Even more controversially I promise you (but I have no idea why ) please do message me with suggestions… the days I really , really do NOT want to be curious are the days I Really DO need to be. By pushing myself out of the door (and my comfort Zone) when it is windy and raining somehow when I get back I feel even better than a walk on a nice sunny day… remember there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!

Extracts of the book

Habitus; Custom, Tradition, Practice, Habit.

Motivation is what gets you started but habits are what keep you going. Challenge yourself but be patient as it may take 40 days to form or break a habit and perhaps 1000 days until mastered. Set goals that are realistic, small steps, what good habits do you pledge, today, to begin? #Habit

Ambulatio; Stroll, Ramble, Walking about, Walk.

It takes just 20 minutes of walking outside to increase endorphins that lift positivity for the following 8 hours. After walking you lift your mood/attitude quickly and  should your voice of beration resists walking alone in silence then tell it to be quiet!There is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes. Twilight brings with it unbelievable moments of stillness.How early, tomorrow, can you get outside and walk for 20 minutes? #Habit

Natura; Universe, Element, World, Nature.

In creation, plants and trees start out tender and fragile yet withstand the brutal wind, rain and storms. Suppleness and softness are attributes of life whereas hard brittle a muse of death. Nature has a time and a place for all things, the next time you feel strained, angry, anxious and/or lost go for a walk in nature and look around you and see the miracle of which you are a part. Chaos exists often in nature and it has been said that nothing happens to anybody who is not fitted by nature to bear it +.Today will you be an impatient fool, or can you progress softly with deliberate discipline and patience? #Habit.

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